Dear Mzee Raila Odinga,

I know this letter will not find you in good moods as you are trying to console yourself after it has come to pass that you have lost the fourth presidential elections in the just concluded Kenya polls.

For that case, i am very aware that you will not  be able to contest for the next Kenya elections because you will be above age as the constitution demands and I am sure this must be  troubling you and you don’t want to end your active political career  as a loser , that’s understandable but look your refusal to accept the results is just one of the first thoughts that run in every mind of an opposition leader in this East African Community who loses a major election like that of presidential.

The major problem has been that, you opposition leaders in E.A are weak and you can never  unseat a sitting president because you package your message wrongly during campaigns.   Your campaigns method is always about attacking the sittings presidents and you forget to tell the citizens what you will do, what the sitting presidents have  failed to do for them.

In general , I am meaning you don’t always expose the weaknesses of the sittings presidents and when you lose elections you become crying babies and want to cause chaos kill innocent people like the ones you killed during  2007 Kenya post-election violence.

What do you do benefit or what did you benefit when these innocent people got killed?.

You have lost elections because you where weak and you did not plan well. If you say you were cheated , how where you ready to prevent that cheating?  If you knew you were entering into elections with thieves , you would have also become a thief smarter than them.

Since you did not manage to steal more better than them , go home and enjoy life with your family , retire well and don’t cause havoc in this peacefully Country that we’re all looking at.

Look !  it’s only Kenya and Tanzania , the only democratic countries we are all looking at.

The people of Uganda, Burundi , South Sudan and Rwanda are living under uncertainty because of the bad politics in these countries.

You(Mr.Odinga) and former president Mwai Kibaki with wrong advise from war minded neighbours had destroyed this beautiful country making it vulnerable to insecurity which President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to fix.

Please, deceit from any plans of causing chaos in Kenya , go to court and if you get defeated in court , go back home amend your date of birth that will enable you to contest again  in the next general  elections because there is no strict laws that prohibit you from doing that.  But if not, please, let Kenyan people  have peace.

As a citizen of Uganda , our country is tired of hosting refugees from every country around us.

I have written to you as a concerned East African Citizen .

I remain yours

Nangayi Guyson from Kampala,Uganda