By Nangayi Guyson

Kampala, Uganda – For the past two weeks, a Ugandan Pentecostal Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries in the capital Kampala ,has been under fire  for his alleged outrageous act of burning Bibles which contained words ‘holy ghost’ instead of “Holy Spirit” claiming they were Satanic and misleading his flock.

Many local and international religious leaders have condemned the act saying it humiliates the word of God.  Our reporter in the Kampala started an investigation into matter to find the difference between the two words “Holy Ghost” and “Holy Spirit”.

Many international religious leaders were contacted to react on the matter and by press time, Joyce Meyer and Billy Graham’s Christian response team had already reacted and explained clearly the meaning of the “Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit”.

K. C. James from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association responded to email from writer  explaining that “We appreciate your concern for a local pastor who is burning bibles that have the word, “Holy Ghost,” in them. We would discourage the burning of bibles for this or any other reason. The term Holy Ghost is used to refer to the Holy Spirit in a number of faithful Bible translations. In response to this question, Billy Graham once said, “the terms “Holy Ghost” and “Holy Spirit” are identical; the “Holy Ghost” is simply an older way of speaking of the Holy Spirit.

“The reason the term “Holy Ghost” isn’t as common as it once was is because our English language has changed over the years. The word “ghost” is a good example of this. Today it means something different to most people than it did several centuries ago. Then, the word “ghost” simply meant “spirit,” but today most people think only of haunted houses or Halloween when they hear the word “ghost.” For this reason, almost all modern translations of the Bible use “Holy Spirit” instead of “Holy Ghost,” to avoid any misunderstanding.” We hope this answer is helpful.

You and your concern have been remembered in prayer, May the Lord bless and encourage you today. “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” (Psalm 29:11, NIV).”  K. C. James explained.

Pastor Joyce Meyer, a Charismatic Christian author and speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries was also so much concerned and quickly replied to a twitter message from this writer saying that

“Hi Nangayi, There is no difference between Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit. He is the same God, part of the trinity. We believe God’s Word should be respected. There is power in His Word. The Amplified is Joyce’s favorite version. “The Everyday Life Bible” is a combo of the Amplified text and Joyce’s personal notes. Check out: 

Much as social media and media  houses in the country has been running photos and videos in which  Pastor Bugingo  has preached against these bibles, he  come out and denied the allegations saying that he was being defamed by his enemies. “ I want to tell whole world to hear , I will never and I shall not at any time in my  think of burning a bible and even my children can’t do that”

Fellow pastors and Uganda Bible society are planning a possible court case against him.

Documents seen by Uganda’s local news Media Watchdog indicate that two born again Christians by names of Matovu Aloysius Kizza and Evangelist Ssemugoma Francisco through their lawyers Wameli and Co. Advocates have already taken Pastor Bugingo to court.

Pentecostal Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries in the capital Kampala rose to fame few years ago when he started condemning other Pentecostal preachers who promise worshippers instant Miracles of material wealth and cure of dangerous diseases in return for donating huge sums of money to the churches.

Bugingo’s sermons are now reportedly attended by around 20,000 worshippers each Sunday because of his new style of preaching.