By Nangayi Guyson

The continued brutal attacks on Ugandan civilians by  police is really angering many of us Citizens of this nation. I don’t know  if Uganda police  is still following its motto “Enforce Law and Order” and i still wonder  if there is any clause in  our constitution that gives police powers to brutalize people?

Article 29 clause (2a) of Uganda’s constitution gives me mandate and any other Ugandan Citizen freedom of free movement, residence, and settlement to any part of this country etc.

Article 24 of the same Constitution also states that no person shall be subjected to any form of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Again article 21 clause (1) of our constitution states that all persons in Uganda are equal before and under the law in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life and in every other respects and shall enjoy equal protection of the law.

But ignorance about the law they claim to be enforcing  is what makes police to become a stupid force of late.

Below are some shocking and disturbing Uganda police Brutality photos , you can see and tell me if we still humans in our Country.

A Uganda Police Man squeeze FDC opposition leader in an attempt to  arrest her
Another opposition presidential aspirant, Kizza Besigye, has been arrested numerous times, most recently on October 15, 2015 for allegedly seeking to hold public rallies. The official presidential campaigns are to begin on November 9, 2015.


Uganda police brutaly undress a man in Western Uganda leaving him in only  a pant
People gathered at a rally for Uganda’s former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi run from coloured tear gas canister police used to disperse a gathering in Jinja town in eastern Uganda September 10, 2015. © 2015 Reuters
Police cans civilians


Police officers manhandle City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s lawyer Abdallah Kiwanuka after he came to serve a court order to Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze, who was conducting a KCCA council that later impeached the mayor on Monday. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa.

mini-human-rights-e1447203611331Police arresting Amama's bodyguard Photo credit New Vision

Naigaga Fatuma FDC leader being arrested during compaigns


A man being brutally pulled by police in Uganda
A man being brutally pulled by police in Uganda
Uganda Police do what they do best. (Photo/AFP)
A supporter of Uganda’s former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi wrestles with the gun of a policeman, as riot police disperse a gathering in Jinja town in eastern Uganda September 10, 2015.


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