Margot James, British politician of the Conservative Party for women, joined members of the Women’s League of the Ugandan Forum for Democratic Change

By Nangayi Guyson

Mbarara, Uganda- When Uganda’s main opposition party FDC went to elections to select their party president between three aspirants, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Mugisha Muntu and Godfrey Ekanya last year  after Doctor, Kizza Besige who had led the party since its formation said he was stepping aside from party leadership to exercise democracy in the party, when the the elections ended , i wrote an article titled Has FDC done the same mistake UPC did after electing a new party President? and posted on my blog to show the mistake FDC has done and predicted it becoming unpopular  before 2016 when Ugandans head to  elections.

However, the confusion in FDC today supports  my article and this can be proved today when a vibrant talkative Aruu Member of Parliament Odonga Otto rejected his appointment as the new Shadow minister for Internal Affairs claiming his ambition was to head the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. Opposition members like Odonga Otto and Nandala Mafabi have been strong arms of FDC, without them, the party will remain on the ledge and eventually become unpopular in Uganda.

Information coming from the FDC wing shows former opposition leader Nandala Mafabi is dropped completely and he has no any position on the shadow cabinet.

I think President Museveni is now laughing hard in his bedroom as 2016 will not need a lot of campaigning.

To image how FDC is confused now , you can see from their website which has not been renewed since it expired . when you go their website, this what you get-NOTICE: This domain name expired on 1/29/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Details to follow