By Nangayi Guyson

Mbarara, Uganda- On Monday last week , i had an assignment and i was to travel to Mbarara district in western Uganda. It was a quick thing and i decided to go and board a bus but what i experienced is what am going to share with you.

It was about 6:00pm local time when i reached the Bus park in Kampala downtown. Before even reaching the entrance of the Bus park, i was welcomed and surrounded by bus brokers and touts in a crowd of over ten people . they starting fighting over me and my bag but shouting in their language which i didn’t understand but according to the guy i met in the bus, they were meaning “come to our global Bus , it is good. it is cheap”.
This group of Gobal buses won the battle and i was taken by them.

Buses to Western Uganda are many and every bus owner finds ways-tricks and persuasive language to attract their customers to use these buses while traveling . Inside this Gobal  bus , i thought things have ended from fighting to get me at the entrance but i was a gain surprised when i saw a bus conductor and his assistants coming with Coke Co-cola brand  sodas shouting “A New Bus , A free coca-cola soda to quench thirsty as you travel “. I noticed that these Guys do all these to achieve- acquire and retain the customer.

Unlike what crazy taxi drivers and conductors in Kampala do by tuning  loud music, hooting and touts shouting even after you board, here things looked different.

Apart from fighting at the entrance , everything was stable , beautiful accompanied by radio one music , Capital Fm music and sports update from Kabaka’s CBS FM.

So,  if you are traveling to western Uganda, i recommend you use Gobal buses. They are very good and safe.