A Uganda cranes football fan supporting the national team but still addicted to Arsenal


I really hate Africans who are abandoning African football and restoring to watching western football. Africans are divorcing their wives and husbands because of having differences in supporting western teams. Others kill themselves because a western football team did not win. They don’t work. They resort to western sports betting as their source of income.

In my Country Uganda, the topic of the day is always “How did Man –U perform? Arsenal is going to beat Chelsea!  Did Barcelona beat AC Milan?…. I am sure this is the topic in all Cites in African Countries. You don’t find them discussing about their own African teams.

This is what makes Africans fools, they are always not proud of themselves. They want things on a silver plate. They undermine themselves and are aware that they cannot do anything which is theirs.

Such acts are the ones hindering Africa’s developments, if we Africans can’t support, invest, and watch our African football, how will it become popular?

Africa’s land is rich full of resources that can make us develop but we think we are not ready for development.

I have been following Africa’s reaction towards the 29th Africa Cup of Nations 2013 that opened in South Africa’s last month but attendances of watching this match has remained low almost in all cinema halls in Kampala.  

What is not good with African football?

Poor Africans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!