By Nangayi Guyson

In November this year, Uganda’s main opposition party FDC went to elections to select their party president between three aspirants, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Mugisha Muntu and Godfrey Ekanya after Doctor, Kizza Besige who has led the party since its formation said he was stepping aside from party leadership to exercise democracy in the party.

In that elections, Mugisha Muntu a former NRM supporter was declared a winner with 393 votes (50.64 per cent), defeating the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mr Nathan Nandala Mafabi, who got 361 votes (46.392 per cent) followed by Tororo County MP Geoffrey Ekanya who came third with 17 votes (2.91 per cent).

FDC is the only powerful political party known in Uganda and it is the only party in the country that gives the ruling NRM party headed president Museveni hard time.

However, since the party elected the new president (Mugisha Muntu), there has been a great a rift between the two, Mr. Nandala’s camp says they were cheated. Doctor, Kizza Besige who is now considered as the father of the party has tried to put the two rivals together by organizing meetings and get together parties but nothing has changed, Nandala’s camp has always  boycotted those meetings. Mr. Nandala accepted defeat but supports insist he was cheated; they want some members like Alice Alaso and others to resign from their party leaderships accusing them of vote rigging.

Information collected from Many FDC supports shows that they never want Mugisha Muntu to win that race. “We wanted at least to balance power sharing in our party, Mugisha Muntu is a man we cannot trust with the leadership of the party. He was seconded by the majority of our rival party (NRM), he may be a mole in the party” said FDC official who never wanted his name to be mentioned.

Has FDC done the same mistake UPC did?

FDC as a party may become like UPC when it continues to be divided. UPC elected Olala Otunu after Mama Maria Obote wife to our former President Milton Obote said she was resigning from party leadership just like what Dr. Besigye did. The UPC as a party did not know that they were pouring acid on themselves to elected Olala Otunu but this was proved when Mr. Otunu refused to vote for himself in the 2011 elections. Since then, there have been fights in the party and it has lost popularity among Ugandans because of poor leadership.

And if FDC has done the same mistake UPC did, the party will have many problems and it may become unpopular even before the 2016 elections.


Nandala is widely known for mobilizing almost the whole of Eastern Uganda to vote for the FDC and if he stops doing this; NRM may take advantage of becoming more popularity in the east.

Mugisha Muntu is still unpopular among Ugandans and supporters of the party (FDC) are worried that he may not stage protests that shake the ruling party to do what is not doing for people.

The former FDC president Col. Kizza Besigye is the only man who has been making president Museveni uncomfortable but voting for Mugisha Muntu as a president and maybe preparing him to become a presidential candidate come 2016 is just easing a burden from president Museveni.

Watch out FDC — that maybe party unpopularity knocking at the door