Former president Nelson Mandela during his 94th birthday In hometown, Qunu

Today after hearing all the news about our African father Nelson Mandela, being sick and hospitalized in Pretoria, I was touched and started imagining how Africa would be now if we had more “Nelson Mandelas”? And wonder how the world will react when he rests?

 Mr. Mandela, now 94 years, served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 after being imprisoned by whites for 27 years during his fight against Apartheid in South Africa.

The South Africa constitution could allow him to stand for two terms but due the love he had for his for people, he gave up power after ruling for only one term and started to consider reconciliation and introduced policies that aimed at combating poverty and inequality in his Country. He has received more than 250 awards for decades including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

Many African and western leaders wonder how the man who had suffered for 27 years in prison just give in power so quickly like that? And some call him a coward but my question has always been that if he was a coward how could he manage to endure prison life for 27 years without kneeling before those who jailed him?

Mandela now battling with old age acts an example to other African leaders though none of them is following his path.

I love Nelson Mandela and he shall always be my inspiration.

Let us pray for his  quick recovery.