By Nangayi Guyson in Kampala, Uganda

Recently donor Nations suspended aid to Uganda after millions of dollars of foreign aid to the country was diverted to the Prime Minister’s private accounts bank accounts.

Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have all cut aid to Uganda over the reported misuse of foreign Aid meant for rehabilitation in northern Uganda and in Karamoja sub region. The country’s World Bank manager Mr. Ahmadou Moustapha, who talked to this media, confirmed the bank is also set to review its funds to the country over the same allegations of corruption.

In a country like Uganda where many orphaned children and other needy people live under poor conditions and lack any other source of income but only depend on foreign Aid, it will be a hardest hit to many of them and a setback to the Country when foreign Aid is slashed. This money would have been very valuable to improve on the lives of needy people in this poverty-ravaged nation. But if it is slashed to due to greedy unquenchable thirst for wealth, selfness, and lack of Patriotism among Ugandan leaders, where everything has changed and there is no longer love among Ugandans but there is love of myself, love of my family and love of my properties, then the Country is heading to disaster where the poor people will be hit even the more.

One of the Uganda church leaders who asked for his name to be withheld for security purposes said, “In our Country now days, there is no one to care. If you are lacking, that is no problem to others since their children are studying, their families are well off and their pockets are full. If you talk about putting money in Charity projects, they see it as a waste and that is the reason why you hear of official stealing foreign Aid meant to support the poor”, it is only God who can safe Uganda but not a person. He said.

Uganda as a developing country has always misused foreign aid and other government funds which have left many poor Ugandans crying and gone hungry after the money meant for the needy is diverted to self-motivated interests of their leaders. Many Ugandans struggle to make ends meet, paying school fees for their children and finding enough money to feed their families is also another problem but it is reported that President Museveni took £30million out of foreign aid money from Britain to buy himself a private jet for use on his trips around the world. The Prime Minister and other officials have also used foreign Aid money to buy expensive Cars for themselves.

The rich Ugandans like government officials are continuing to grow richer and the poor are continuing to grow poorer due to the fact that the rich (government officials) have sources of stealing government funds which leaves the poor unsupported.

However, all is happening because the government has failed to curb corruption which has become an incurable disease among Ugandan leaders and love for their country is no longer a matter to consider.

Foreign aid is given to the developing countries as a means of eradicating poverty through further development of `the infrastructure within these countries. Developing countries usually possess the distinct characteristics of having neither a capitalist nor a socialist economy and these countries usually have recently just emerged from colonial rule. These countries are known as “Third World countries”, they have little economic management, a dominance of subsistence production, unequal income distribution and a low per capita income.

The foreign aid given usually is given in order to resolve the immediate problems faced by many developing countries, such as the problem of starvation and malnutrition.