LRA leader Joseph Kony, who has fought  the Ugandan government  for than a decade , He is wanted by the ICC for Crimes against Humanity

With all the strong support of the 100 U.S. Special forces  offered by President Barack Obama to AU forces  in the hunt for the notorious Lord resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony who has terrorized Uganda and the neighbouring countries of DRC, Sudan and CAR , for more than a decade, the 2012 Joseph Kony hunt is seemingly becoming mission impossible.

Late last year, a joint African Union forces backed by UN and US was to send to the jungle forests of Congo to hunt down Kony and his brutal militia of the Lord’s Resistance Army but this mission is proving to be hard to the Joint International forces.
The renewed international pressure for Kony and his LRA fighters became strong after The Invisible Children NGO, released the most famous online video known as Kony 2012 in Campaign to capture kony which was viewed more than 100 million times.
Sudan and Uganda have so far sent more 2500 men to hunt down and stop the LRA of Joseph Kony who had spread terror in the sub region but nothing is yet to promise that Kony will be captured.
These army which is being conducted by regional forces of the African Union (AU)- Some 2,000 soldiers of the UPDF – Uganda People’s Defence Force and 500 of the SPLA – Sudan People’s Liberation Army (PLA Sudan) are already in the jungle forests of Congo.

However, Joseph Kony who has been in bush for almost the whole of his life is believed to have said during a meeting with then a member of parliament Betty Bigombe about 20 years ago that his death will be a mysterious one just like it was for Hitler of Germany.
In Uganda, some people believe Kony might be a demon, they believe he is invisible; he can hide where you cannot see.
Do you think the Joint Forces will capture Joseph kony in this year as promised ?